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20-Oct-2017 08:13

She’d developed an affection for the boy, sparked by extra time she spent with him to foster his talent for drawing. Yet when asked by interviewer Barbara Walters if she was ashamed or disgusted by her actions, she replied, “I loved him very much, and I kind of thought, ‘Why can’t it ever just be a kiss?

’” The abuse went on in secret for months, and resulted in her falling pregnant with their first child around the middle of 1996.

As the headlines circulated around the world, Letourneau gave birth on May 29, 1997, and three months later plead guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape.

Letourneau was handed a suspended sentence of 89 months in November 1997, and served six months in county jail before being released on parole under the condition she attended counselling and didn't contact Fualaau.

He had made the request after 12 years of marriage at a court in Issaquah, Washington, on May 9.

‘It’s not necessarily what you think,’ he told Radar Online.

Today, they are raising teenagers and celebrating their tenth anniversary.

Cradle-robbing former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau is back in the pokey — this time for failing to appear in court.

A man who married the teacher who was imprisoned for raping him when he was just 12-years-old, has filed for a legal separation “in order to sell cannabis”. The pair's relationship has been detailed in books and a movie and they have also featured in several interviews.

Vili Fualaau, now 33, says he still loves Mary Kay Fualaau (formerly Letourneau), now 55, and they are happy together.

American school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau was 34 years old when she first raped 12-year-old Vili Fualaau.

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The pair had met in 1992 when the boy was in second grade at Shorewood Elementary School in the Seattle suburb of Burien, and entered an illegal sexual relationship four years later. “And I thought that it would and it didn’t.” Yet Letourneau argued it was more than physical for her.

Mary Kay Letourneau -- the teacher who served more than 7 years in prison for having sex with her student, who she later married -- is about to be single again ... Vili Fualaau filed for legal separation earlier this month.